Sunday, April 11, 2021

"Crimes" that sent people to GULAG

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, "The GULAG Archipelago", vol. 2

  • A tailor pinned a needle on the newspaper hanging on the wall, so he can easily find it later, and hit directly Kagan's eye on the photo. Noticed, reported, article 58, terrorism, 10 years. 
  • A saleswoman was writing down notes on a newspaper. She wrote over Stalin's forehead on the photo. Article 58, 10 years. 
  • The head of a village social club went with a club guard to buy a new Stalin's bust. A nice bust, big, heavy, and hard to carry. The arrogant young manager just ordered the older guard to find a way and bring it back alone. And left. The guard was agonizing for a bit, the bust was just too big to carry it in hands even for a few feet. But he came up with a solution - took off his belt, made a noose and slid it over bust's head, and with the belt over his shoulder off he went. Well.. obviously - article 58-8, terror, 10 years. 
  • A farmer lost his nerve with his cow, swore at her: "You kolkhoz bitch". Time served (well.. must be for insulting the great idea of "kolkhoz"). 
  • There was a banner in an office: "Life is better and more joyful now. Stalin". Someone added the word "for", right before Stalin's name. No need even to search for the offender - whole office to Gulag. 
  • Even collecting donations for imprisoned colleague is punished by the article 58 (How dare they?!)
  • Grigorij Jefimovič Generalov (from Smolensk region) accused to have been getting drunk  »out of hatred for soviet government« (he was being drunk because of problems between him and his wife). Eight years.
  • Two ordinary communists got concerned that no Party Congress was held in a while, which violated the Party statute. As if that's any of their concern, those scoundrels - a dime each. 
  • A woman, bewildered by revealed Trotsky's crimes, asked in a meeting, "So why was he then let out of the country"? (As if she was some kind of investigator or something...) She got three sentences, even though no prosecutor was able to explain what was her crime.

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